Code Your Own Career Transformation

Bring design, gaming, and technology together

Do thoughts of designing websites, apps, or games keep you awake at night? Then learn the FullStack skills to combine your creativity with the technology of tomorrow, unlocking your potential.

  • Learn the fundamentals of front- and back-end development
  • Uncover the foundation to use JavaScript across platforms
  • Discover the reality behind a career in web, app, and game design or development

Where gaming and your love of data unite

Do you get excited thinking about data sets and patterns and how they relate? Then grow your real-world programming skills in a game-based environment to meet your unlimited potential whether in business, research, or personal real-world applications.

  • Explore Machine Learning using Python
  • Understand the future of AI and your place in it
  • Connect how to make sound predictions for the future based on real data