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Gain in-demand digital skills and experience from the experts in our interactive, game-based environment and industry speaker sessions.


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Get first-hand industry insight from experts in a variety of sectors so you are prepared for your next adventure in the digital world.

Bootcamps Curriculum

Play while discovering the skills to build your own mobile application or website. Our bootcamps will teach you the skills to build a website or app from concept to design and show you all the ins and outs of front-end and back-end development. With FullStack’s programming skills, you’ll turn your dream into your reality while learning in a game-based environment.

HTML Basics
HTML Elements
Attributes and Navigation
Web forms and UI Controls
CSS Basics
Element Size and Font
Colors and Backgrounds
Borders, Padding, and Margins
Debugging HTML and CSS
Introduction to web development and JavaScript
Variables, Data types, Operators and String methods
Loops and Control Statements

Make an Image Responsive
Use a Retina Image for Higher Resolution Displays
Make Typography Responsive
Introduction to the Responsive Web Design Challenges
Use a Media Query

Manipulating DOM elements using JavaScript
Manipulating CSS using JavaScript
Creating forms using JavaScript
Introduction to jQuery
Debugging JavaScript

Introduction to Node.js
Exporting and Importing Between Modules
Express Essentials
Creating a custom middleware
Introduction to database design and manipulation
Create Database and Table Operations

Introduction to Single Page Applications
Coding in TypeScript
Data Types
Object-Oriented Programming
Getting Started with Angular
Architecture Overview
Angular Modules
Angular Components
Creating Fully Functional Component
Services and Dependency Injection
Displaying data in an Angular app
Data Binding Types
One-way data binding
Two-way data binding

Introduction to Angular forms
Template-Driven Forms
Validating and Submitting Template-Driven Form
Reactive Forms
Reactive Forms Validation
Angular Routing and Navigation
Parent-Child component interaction - Parent to Child flow
Parent-Child component interaction - Parent to Child flow
Life Cycle Hooks Introduction
HTTP Calls
Introduction to React
Differences between React and Angular

What is Ionic Framework?
Core Concepts of Ionic
Setting up the Ionic Framework
What is Ionic CLI?
Ionic CLI commands
Overview of UI components
Buttons, Input, FABs and Form Elements
Items, Lists and Tabs
Alerts and Toast
Buttons, Input, FABs and Form Elements
Items, Lists and Tabs
Grid and Cards
Ionic Native - Email Composer
Ionic Native - Android Full Screen
Ionic Native - Open Native Settings
Ionic Native – Notifications
Ionic Native - Network Detection
Ionic Native - Audio Player
Ionic Native - Video Player
Ionic Native - File Chooser
Ionic Native - Google Maps

Introduction to Application Theming
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Theming Basics - Colors and SCSS
Adding Themes
Introduction to Deployment
Changes in packages.json
Creating a NodeJS server
Heroku and Git
Deployment to Android Play Store and iOS App Store

Project Basic Information
General Specifications
Relation of the project Idea and Industry (Store and Freelancing Market)
Platform Required
Technologies Covered in Project
Impact on Graduate Resume

Freelancer module

Market your business
How to find projects
How to write content
Social Media Marketing
How to get a business license
Sales Tips
How to post to GitHub

Employment module

How to market yourself
Resume writing
Interview Prep
How to write cover letters
How to build LinkedIN profile

Meet Your Instructor

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Timothy Allan

Full Stack Team

20+ years programming for companies across the globe, Timothy Allan teaches FullStack Web and App Development, helping people apply new skills to their careers. Discover why Timothy Allan thrives in teaching FullStack.
Hint: it has to do with making the complex simple.

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Through this bootcamps, I have become well versed in FullStack. It has enabled me to integrate my previous work skills with new digital skills that will give me a competitive edge.

Colin Knill

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The bootcamp is very comprehensive and well thought out. We get a ton of support from our instructors and TAs to ensure our success in the class and beyond.

James Chew

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I have learnt so much about FullStack. This bootcamp is so useful in multiple industries and has even given me the confidence and skills to start my own business.

Obi Oghomne

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